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Margaret Smith Marston has 15+ years of web content management work in education, publishing, and consulting fields as well as writing and editing experience across a range of organizations. Margaret’s company, Web Fresh Daily, meets the need for web content updating that lets users and customers find complete, concise, and current information on every visit.

Margaret says, “My business goal is to provide the highest quality communications services at the fairest possible price.”

Once upon a time …

There was a young woman who enjoyed learning, writing, and helping other people. Her interests took her down the paths of first teaching elementary school and then practicing law. When the woman was older, she took her passion for writing, her skills at editing, and her talent for problem-solving and ventured into the world of web content composition and management. She served as the webmaster at a large high school and later at an international publishing and consulting firm.

As she researched websites for work, for freelance projects, and for her own purposes, she discovered that many, many websites had out-of-date information and text that was not as well written as it might have been. She realized she could help companies and organizations keep their websites fresh and engaging. And so she did.

Or, if you prefer a more traditional version:

Margaret grew up in the South – Tuscaloosa, Alabama, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Long Beach, Mississippi, to be precise – surrounded by family who loved learning almost more than they loved their own children. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education from Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi, Margaret set out to change the universe one classroom of students at a time.  About a year into teaching, she realized that the universe might be changed more quickly if she honed her powers of reasoning, writing, and argument by studying law. After earning her Juris Doctor from The University of Alabama School of Law, Margaret practiced poverty law for five years and helped, she hoped, make positive changes in some lives, if not the universe.

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Web Fresh Daily office setup–almost exactly!

While she raised three children, she volunteered at their elementary and high schools. Just as the Internet was becoming a force as a communication tool, Margaret was invited to work on the high school’s website. It was love at first sight – or site, as the case may be. From there, she worked at an international consulting and publishing firm where she helped design, and then managed, the firm’s three different websites.

She got so frustrated sometimes trying to find web information for work or personal use and then to find the site’s content to be out-of-date or inaccurate. One day she thought that someone ought to offer a service of updating websites – not designing, not building, not hosting – just updating with fresh, engaging text as often as needed. She realized that she could be that someone!

Margaret says, “I am passionate about writing and the importance of clear, concise, complete communication on websites and in all other media.  I strive to make writing interesting and engaging and as colorful as is appropriate to the topic.”

Or, if you prefer the very traditional version in detail:

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